"I’ve accumulated quite the Disco Lemonade collection (bras, dresses, fairy set, hazey hat, and shawls) and I can 100000% say that the quality of every single piece is INCREDIBLE. Everything is truly a one of a kind piece of art and fits perfectly. These pieces are perfect if you wanna stand out of the crowd and not be wearing the same outfit as everyone else. The wait is so worth it because you can tell so much love and care is put into every single piece ❤️ I will ALWAYS support Disco Lemonade!!!!" 

-Lena @lifeinthefast.lena

Cassidy in Disco Lemonade

"First of all everything I own from Disco Lemonade is art. I couldn’t walk 10 feet each time I was out wearing Disco Lemonade pieces without someone stopping me to ask where it was from. As long as you hand wash (duh the pieces are obviously delicate) they hold up amazingly well! Not to mention you somehow get more talented and your pieces get more detailed every single drop?? I’m not convinced that you are human!"

-Cassidy @cassidybranigan


"Disco Lemonade fulfills my heart’s most sparkly desires! Lem creates truly magical pieces of wearable art. I have two tops and one dress and I feel like a sexy and powerful goddess in each one. Lem is absolutely wonderful about making custom pieces for you whether that’s the sizing or the design. So worth your money. <3"

-Meghan @meghansolo16


-Allie @allieradd


"I’ve been looking for a brand like Disco :emonade since I first got into festival fashion and I am so happy to have found this one! Every piece is made with so much love and creativity and the quality is absolutely amazing. Every time I wear something from Disco Lemonade I feel like the sparkly butterfly queen I knew I was always meant to be."

-Olivia @fluidliv_